Our Goals


The objects for which the Association is established shall be as follows:

  • To assemble information and data of use to contractors relating to the physical construction of roads and pavements and to make the same available for the use of member of the Association;
  • Consideration of the form of contracts, specifications and bonds, and to make suitable representations to officials and corporations in regard thereto;
  • To secure a useful measure of co-operation between contractors and engineers responsible for the preparation of specifications, to the end that the necessary and desirable features of road construction and paving may be satisfactorily combined with practical methods and limitations of construction;
  • To facilitate greater uniformity in the interpretation of specification and contracts;
  • To permit co-operation and better understanding between contractors, engineers, and owners;
  • To facilitate the interchange and rental of machinery and equipment among members of the Association, and to establish terms and conditions of such interchange and rental;
  • To facilitate the collective purchasing of materials, machinery, repair parts, etc., and securing where possible agency rates and privileges;
  • To promote better understanding and good will of the public relations with contractors;
  • To maintain the best standards of construction and business methods among members of the Association.