Workforce Development

 New this spring, NSRBA, in partnership with the Atlantic Concrete Association, held a 1-day training program on the Fundamentals of Flatwork Construction.  Customized for field crews it provided classroom knowledge of concrete fundamentals along with information on placing, finishing, protecting and curing flatwork concrete. 


Beginning March 31st and running until April 25th in Truro, NS, NSRBA will hold the 3rd offering of its proprietarily developed Asphalt Laydown Technician Program.  Twenty Four participants have successfully completed the course since its initial event in 2012 and the feedback from them has been excellent.

“This course is a must for anybody in the field, even people with years of experience.”

“I came into the course with what I thought was a lot of paving knowledge and I came out with a lot more than I ever thought.”

“The knowledge that I have gained in these four weeks would have taken me years to obtain otherwise.”

This program is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to become employed as an Asphalt Paving/Laydown Technician.  It will provide students with the tools to develop skills in the classroom and on the job targeted training.

Potential candidates should have 2 – 3 years of experience in paving and will need to be sponsored by a member in good standing with the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association.

                                   Areas of Core Theory

-         Introduction to Paving

-         Asphalt Production

-         Asphalt Placement

-         Quality Control and Testing

-         Planning for Asphalt Paving

-         Asphalt Handling/Safety

Areas of Core Equipment Orientation

-         Paving Machine

-         Screed

-         Compactors

-         Miller/Re-Claimer

-         Multi-Transfer Vehicle

-         Raking/Lute